Project Partners and objectives

The Social Justice and Human Rights Centre Company (SJHRC) Limited was established in May 2011 by the Trust for LondonJoseph Rowntree Charitable TrustThe Barrow Cadbury TrustLankellyChase Foundation and the Ethical Property Company. This followed an extensive piece of market research with social justice and human rights organisations to identify the need for the scheme and to develop a building brief.

Working together, the SJHRC Limited Board identified four key objectives that they considered critical to The Foundry achieving its broad aims:

  • To enable organisations to achieve more impact and raise awareness of human rights and social justice issues
  • To offer an excellent quality ethically managed space
  • To help support the regeneration of the local community
  • To offer a sustainable return to investors.

In turn, The Foundry was designed to encourage like-minded organisations to work with and support one another, through the sharing of resources and skills, as well as space.  These benefits form part of The Foundry’s wider Social and Environmental returns which include:

  • Bringing together some of London’s most innovative and progressive social justice and human rights organisations in affordable premises
  • Encouraging building users to share ideas, work together, enhance their public profile and improve their ability to engage with and educate the public on social justice and human rights issues
  • Ensuring the building is developed and managed to a high environmental standard (BREEAM: very good)
  • Using renewable energy sources/providers where possible
  • Promoting human rights and social justice issues through the delivery of a programme of events
  • Encouraging community development and promoting the local agenda by ensuring the space is affordable and accessible for local groups and residents
  • Delivering a programme of educational activities that will engage and inspire learners.

In February 2015, a Reflective Report of The Foundry project was published, undertaken by the Institute for Voluntary Action Research.  For details, please click here.

For more information on The Foundry’s partner organisations and the project objectives, please contact us.