Investing in The Foundry

The Foundry brings together some of the country’s most innovative and progressive social justice and human rights organisations into ethically managed, affordable premises.

To ensure there is a constant flow of funds into other new innovative projects some of the initial investors in The Foundry are looking to reduce their investment. Therefore, there is still the opportunity to invest.

Investment in The Foundry offers the following returns:


  • Once the building is fully operational we expect the equity to return a 3% dividend plus capital growth.
  • The investor loan is offered at 6.25% over 5 years.


  • The Foundry brings together some of the UK’s most progressive organisations into space in which they can achieve more impact and raise awareness of social justice issues.  The building also aims to support the regeneration of the local community.


  • The building has been designed by architects to BREEAM ‘Excellent’ standards using as many energy saving design features as possible. Energy supplied to the building is renewable parking for up to 90 bicycles is available.

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