Community engagement

Throughout the development phase for The Foundry project there has been a strong emphasis on the potential for engaging with the local community. The partners investing in the project and the many organisations consulted during development all felt that the building had the potential to engage with and educate the public on social justice and human rights issues. 

Over the last year much progress has been made towards realising this potential. A key part of the vision is to create a place where the public will be encouraged to visit and learn more about some of the most important and challenging ideas and issues facing the UK today.  

It is envisaged that the community engagement programme will include talks, film screenings, networking events, training courses and other activities. These may involve tenants from within the building, arts organisations or the many social justice organisations not based in the centre.

The vision for The Foundry therefore is that it should be a destination for people to engage with social justice issues. No other centre currently fulfills this remit in London and, as human rights issues rise up the agenda in terms of policy, campaigning and public perception, creating a recognised catalyst for social justice in London is timely.

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